Nanoshield™ Sports Tape

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Nanoshield™ Soothing Series provides sustainable drug-free management of pain. With alternative and natural treatments increasing in popularity, Nanoshield™ Soothing Series products are a welcome innovation in non-pharmacological pain therapy: a valuable alternative for managing pain without drugs and adverse side effects.

Nanoshield™ Soothing Series uses a combination of two technologies: Nanoveu Proprietary Technology and Far Infrared. This combination dilates capillaries and dilated capillaries improve blood circulation and promote increased blood flow.

*Not medicated.

Nanoshield™ Sports Tape

Nanoshield™ Sports Tape is breathable, stretchable, and water resistant. It is designed to be worn for up to 3 days, through any activity, showering or just resting, with a shelf life of 2 years.

Each Roll Contains : 20 Adhesive Strips

How to Apply Removal Instructions In Case of Skin Irritation
Ensure skin area is clean and dry Gently peel the tape from the skin Remove Nanoshield™ Sports Tape
Peel the tape backing and apply the tape Do not reuse tape once worn Clean skin area
After applying the tape, press firmly to adhere Use baby oil to remove any remaining adhesive If skin irritation persists, consult a doctor



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