*Nanoshield™️ Bot with world’s First Nanoshield™️ Air Filter Fusion Resonance Technology

Nanoshield™ BOT is designed to disinfect the surrounding by rapidly atomizing the liquid and automatically spray the area.

In addition, based on mapping technology, it can complete mission tasks such as disinfecting and covering more places within a shorter period.

It can automatically navigate to the area for full-coverage spraying. It also supports mobile application control, minimizing personnel exposure.

 Our solution, Hydro-E, which is effective against

✓ Coronavirus

✓ Feline Coronaviruses (FCov)

✓ E.Coli

✓Salmonellae Enterica

✓ Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

✓ Staphylococcus Aureus

will be included in Nanoshield™ Bot.

Setting up Nanoshield™ Bot Nanoshield™ Bot in Action

 Working Process

1. Use the mobile application to build a map.

2. Set the disinfection path.

3. Fill the tank with our Hydro-E Solution.

4. Nanoshield™ Bot will depart autonomously and starts patrolling along the disinfection route while avoiding obstacles automatically.

Keep out during spraying. Make sure the robot is powered off when adding liquid and do not splash liquid into the robot. Before starting the robot, please check whether safety components (sensor, emergency, stop switch, etc) are in normal conditions. If the floor is waterlogged and greasy, please clean the floor promptly. Make sure the power is off when removing any parts.
Product Specification
Model : BKS - ST - 180C
Application : Indoor Automatic Atomizing Spray
Appearance Size : Diameter 530mm x Height 1,340mm
Body Weight : 48.4 Kg (Without Liquid)
Spray Rate : Maximum 2600 ml/h (Adjustable)
Tank Volume : 16L
Spray Diameter : ≤ 6ml
Spray Mode : Four-direction nozzle or One-direction nozzle
Movement Mode : Autonomous path planning and Auto-navigating
Moving Speed : 0.3 m/s
Obstacle Surmounting : ≤15mm
Gradeability : ≤8º
Travel Lane Width : ≥750mm
Noise : ≤50dB
Continuous Running Hours : 4.5h
Charging Mode : Auto-charge
Charging Time : 3h (0-80%)
Charging Pile : INPUT: 110V - 220V AC
Charging Pile : OUTPUT: DC29.4V -8.0A
Safety Protection : Low Water Alarm

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