Nanoshield™ is a flagship brand of Nanoveu Limited

Nanoveu was incorporated in 2012 as a spinoff of A*STAR, the Singaporean Government's Agency for Science, Technology and Research. In 2018, Nanoveu was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:NVU).


We are technology innovators who specialise in modern, cutting-edge nanotechnology that improve the way we live, from immersive vision-based entertainment to reducing contagious transmission of viruses and bacteria.


Creating Nanoshield™

Since earlier 2020, Nanoshield™ antiviral protector has been Nanoveu's flagship product.


We use nanotechnology to create a coating charged with patented copper compound nanoparticles which have antiviral and antimicrobial properties. This coating (resin layer) sits above a plastic substrate (film), producing our Nanoshield™ range of films. This technology was developed in-house by Nanoveu's research team and partners.


The Nanoshield™ range of films can be applied to a wide range of frequently touched surfaces and devices. Using our technology, disinfection time is reduced to mere minutes, transforming high touched surfaces from infection risk to constant self-disinfecting.


Copper Ion Technology

Nanoshield™ is a protective film with an antimicrobial coat which produces electrically charged copper ions.


Eliminates up to 99% of microbes in minutes

Nanoshield™ is continuously disinfecting: within seconds viruses and bacteria begin being eliminated, and within minutes their numbers reach undetectable levels.


Lasts up to 12 months

Nanoshield™'s self-disinfecting effect lasts up to 12 months. We suggest replacing the film every 6 months to ensure maximum efficacy.


Non-toxic – works without harsh chemicals

Nanoshield™ has been rigorously tested for oral toxicity, ocular and skin irritation, mutagenicity and cytotoxicity testing. Our film is perfectly safe to touch.