Nanoshield™ AIR is treated with the World’s First Contactless Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Antimicrobial Formulation.

Nanoshield™ AIR has high antimicrobial rate, air flow and dust holding capacity. It has long lasting effect of antivirus, antibacterial, anti-fungal. It is self-activated, and the effects can last up to a year.

The formulation has been used for treating indoor air quality and surface disinfectant for more than 17 years in various industries such as seaport, hotel, automobile, commercial building, hospital and airport.

The science behind Nanoshield™ Air Super Max (For Home)

The science behind Nanoshield™ Air Pro Max (For Business)



Nanoshield™ Air Super Max (For Home)

Nanoshield™ Air Super Max contains advanced frequency antimicrobial protection and battery life enhancer technology combine to create a coating charged with patented copper ion compound nanoparticles with negative ion technology that makes antiviral and antimicrobial properties. These nanoparticles combine electrolytes that kill bacteria, and viruses in minutes, while reducing odour. It also helps keep dust and pollen.

Nanoshield™ Air Pro Max (For Businesses)

Nanoshield™ Air Pro Max consist of negative ions which have the following effects :

  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Clean Air
  • Improve Mood

Nanoshield™ Air Pro Max combine the effect of Copper Ionic and Tourmaline crystal to neutralize & eliminate airborne allergens such as viruses, bacteria, odours and total volatile organic compounds permanently. 

It is subjected to Fusion Resonance Frequency (FRF) bombardment where atoms of the composition are in a state of energy excitation that vibrate at a range of resonance frequency.

 Nanoshield™ Air Super Max

Nanoshield™ Air Pro Max