Introducing 3 product lines under Nanoshield Liquid Sprays

The Nanoshield™ Antiviral Liquid Spray

Patented copper compound nanoparticles, is a liquid spray applied on surfaces and fabrics. It is also a self-disinfecting agent that adheres to any surface where it is applied that effectively destroys DNA and pathogens, and cleans and deodorizes. The product line includes self-disinfecting effects for surfaces, glass cleaners, dark and light-colored fabrics, antibacterial for textiles or curtains, and antibacterial for bathroom countertops and flooring. It can last up to 6 months with just one application.

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The Nanoshield™ Liquid Film Spray

Nanoshield™ Antiviral Liquid Film Spray is a liquid spray that transforms into an invisible protective film on hard, nonporous surfaces, creating a surface that helps prevent and eliminate 99.99% of COVID-19, the virus responsible for influenza A, from attacking surfaces. This powerful, safe formula protects your home from exposure to viruses and bacteria when used as directed. It also provides continuous self-disinfecting for up to 12 months to help keep your home safe and sanitary year-round.

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The Nanoshield™ Hydro-E

Hydro-E is a liquid byproduct of electrolysis. It is a neutral electrolytic sanitation liquid produced by the electrolysis of water and salt (0.2-0.5%) by applying a low-frequency vibration flow via a patented “stirring device.” While Hydro-E contains free chlorine, it does not have an unpleasant odor, causes no eye or skin irritation, and passes tap water standards in Japan. We can offer customers further use as drinking water instead of tap water and chlorine.

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