Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask - Reusable up to 5 days

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Choose to get:
  • 6 pieces (reusable: up to 1 month's supply)

  • 12 pieces (reusable: up to 2 months' supply)

  • 30 pieces (reusable: up to 5 months' supply)

Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask is ultra-lightweight, soft and comfortable, designed with a copper-infused four-layer non-woven material that offers the ultimate in protection and maximum in comfort.

The CDC recommends face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Masks offer extreme comfort and proprietary copper antimicrobial technology that kills microbes on the fabric.

  • The powerful antibacterial effect reduces smell and odors caused by prolonged wearing
  • Each mask can be used up to 5 days
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Blocks Viruses & Bacteria
  • Reduce the risk of spreading disease
  • Nanoshield™ prevents the spreading of viruses and bacteria that adhere to the mask
  • Premium 4-Ply Protection

Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask ;

  1. Is high breathability & fluid resistance
  2. Inactivates viruses & bacteria
  3. Filter out dust, smoke and pollen. 
  4. Conform to the EN14683: 2019 Type IIR and ASTM F2100 - 19 Level 2

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