Nanoshield™ Self-Disinfecting Sheet (A4)

$17.95 USD $35.95

Nanoshield™’s self-disinfecting, single-sided adhesive antiviral sheet, powered with a patented copper compound that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria within minutes (as per lab tests), helps keep your contact surfaces continuously safe, without the trouble of disinfecting them repeatedly.

Just peel & stick to any surface that you want to self-disinfect. Suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • The package comes with 2 sheets
  • Single-sided adhesive sheet with a glossy surface
  • Durable and waterproof, provide long-term protection, reliable product with premium quality
  • Advisable to change every 6 months

These self-adhesive sheets stick easily to any smooth flat surface, and start protecting you and your family right from installation!