Nanoshield™ Antimicrobial Mask Refresher (20ml)

$12.95 USD

Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher, refreshes your mask after long hours of wearing.

Long-wearing of face masks may cause breakouts and face rash. 'Mask-breathe' also occurs during these prolonged periods.

With Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher, you can disinfect and sanitize your mask and prevent side effects from prolong wearing.

Simply spray once or twice on the inside, let it air dry for few seconds before wearing your mask.

Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher:

  1. Skin Friendly Formulation - Water-based formula with Natural Ingredients
  2. Mask-Safe - Safe for use on ALL types of masks
  3. Convenient - Easy to use, compact pocket-sized spray
  4. Natural Ingredients - Protects your skin without damaging the environment
  5. Reduce 'Maskne' & 'Maskrash' - So you always look your best
  6. Eliminates 'Mask-breath' - So you always smell your best

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