Nanoshield™ Face Mask + Mask Refresher Bundle Pack

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"Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives." - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

Not all masks are made the same. Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask is ultra-lightweight, soft & comfortable, and designed with a copper-infused four-layer non-woven material that offers the ultimate in protection and maximum comfort. Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask blocks viruses and bacteria, thus reducing the risk of spreading communicable diseases.

Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher refreshers your mask after long hours of wearing. Skin-friendly and water-based formulation, Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher reduces 'Maskne' & 'Maskrash' and eliminates 'Maskbreath'.

Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask & Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher now comes in a bundle pack that will last you for 5 months.

What's in the bundle pack;

Nanoshield™ Antiviral Face Mask (up to 5 days use)

Qty: 1 Box

Product Details

- Blocks viruses and Bacteria

- Ultra-lightweight, soft and comfortable, for layered non-woven including an outer copper-infused layer

- Reduces smells and odours

*Fits age 9 and above

Nanoshield™ Mask Refresher - 20ml

Qty: 3

Product Details

- Skin friendly formula - Water based with natural ingredients

- Reduces 'Maskne' and 'Maskrash'

- Eliminates 'Mask-breath'

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